You troll this a few times a week. You're not going to convince anyone that it's a bug when Holinka has not only acknowledged its existence but has also justified it. Just stop.

Holinka recognized it as a bug and said he's okay with it. That doesn't change the fact that it is probably the main reason for DK survivability in Blood Presence. You don't need to change DK damage in Blood Presence if the macro is just fixed. Its like SWind on steroids.

Here's a better idea; though, don't diminish DK survivability and instead boost other melee survivability to match. This is the same thing I said when people were complaining about warrior survivability. Someone needs to be able to compete with the ranged classes.
05/13/2013 08:53 AMPosted by Sgtjonson
and said he's okay with it.
05/13/2013 08:56 AMPosted by Powerßottom
and said he's okay with it.

Holinka being okay with it doesn't mean anything as to whether its too powerful or not which is what this thread is about.

Conversion by itself isn't all that powerful but with the macro bug it is very powerful. Do I think its too powerful? No. Melee need something to compete with ranged classes.

Ranged have the benefit of choosing their positioning while melee are forced into where ever their opponent goes. If its a bad spot for the melee then they have to wait till the ranged comes back out into the open while the ranged class continues to rain down havoc. Often, the melee is forced to LoS, putting them further from the fight.

Ranged also have the benefit of kiting and still putting out some damage.
--> Gets outplayed on main by dk.

--> Gets on DK alt to complain about ability that heals for roughly 1.5% per second (battle fatigue+healing reduction player effects) in a pvp environment where you can go from 100%-0% within seconds.


and what is a worgen doing in arena? yet to meet a worgen thats good at pvp

Good worgen
your rating and win loss doesn't show that

your rating and win loss doesn't show that

i just found out today what makes conversion so strong hope they get it fix soon
Fun fact, blood pres is a 10% damage reduction, most classes have a passive 15% at all times damage reduction. Check your spell books people. Feel silly yet?

just fyi

Stamina increased by 25%.
Base armor increased by 55%.
Damage taken reduced by 10%.

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