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Hey guys. Recently, my guild decided to switch things up. We had a member switch to his resto shaman, and I switched to my mage. But, i feel like his performance is lacking quite a bit. He is quite a bit undergeared, but I dont believe that is much of an excuse for what he is pulling. On a few fights he was even outhealed by our prot pally. So, I need some suggestions on what he could be doing wrong. Unfortunately, resto shaman are the only healing class that I do not play, so I'm not really sure what he is doing wrong.


His armory:
I'm no Resto expert but right off the bat he's using Glyph of Riptide and that's supposed to be a horrible horrible idea in general.

Other than that, I've got nothing concrete.

I've heard that raids this tier are just bad for Resto healing because of the lack of stacking in fights and heavy movement (or something like that - I don't raid) so there isn't much opportunity for Healing Rain or Chain Heal to work very well.

I've also heard that if you have absorption-based healers in the same team such as Disc priests, then it's harder for Resto shamans to shine because of the nature of their Deep Healing mastery.
Priest/Druid is the same comp I heal with in my 10 man runs. As stated glyphed riptide is very, very rarely a good thing. I would suggest glyph of healing wave in place of it. This will allow him to keep up on his own health while healing others.

He has 2 piece set already, so keeping HST is a high priority. This will contribute to a great deal of healing. And as a smart heal will not often go unused. The use of greater healing wave is very high. I would recommend using healing wave more often, unless a big heal is needed fast.

His gear is a bit low for the content being done, yes. However, more through put can be gained. I have found that shamans will end up with about 45% mastery at higher gear levels without even trying. For throne, our mastery does not do much outside of some particular fights where stacking with high damage going out (Maegera for example).

Spirit is a stat that is easily adjustable to fit whatever mana consumption you are comfortable with. I would say go for a crit build and adjust spirit as needed, since the crit will help maintain mana levels. As more gear is gained shoot for higher haste break points, to make better utilization of the tools available.

That is about all I can come up with, hope it can help some.
Thank you for your input. I will talk to him once he is on later. If anyone has more information that someone may have missed or something, feel free to post it!
I agree with most of what Drieal said.

One area I would differ.

I would suggest glyph of healing wave in place of it. This will allow him to keep up on his own health while healing others.

I find that Glyph of Healing Wave mostly ends up contributing to overhealing. This is because the only time you really use Healing Wave is during low damage phases. Which means you are likely full/high health.

But yeah, the Riptide Glyph is terrible.

I would recommend Glyph of Healing Stream Totem. This glyph is one of the few plases in the current game where you get elemental resistances. Also, with him having the 2-piece, he will apply these resistances twice as fast! This glyph will not pad the meters at all, but it will definately help you kill bosses. This is our one 'must-have' glyph imo.

Glyph of Telluric Currents is basically a waste. During progression fights, there are few safe times to cast Lightning Bolts and when you can, the mana return is abysmal anyway. He'd be better of casting Healing Wave for Earth Living procs.

I would instead recommend Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem. Weird choice, right? Nah. This allows him to virtually always have a fire elemental available to line up with dmg spikes rather than just once per fight.

He is at the low haste breakpoint already without Ancestral Swiftness, which means the talent is half wasted. I would instead switch to Elemental Mastery and macro Elemental Mastery with Healing Tide Totem. This will give him a buttload more HTT ticks and make a noticeable impact on that abilities strength.

My 2c
Also, he's not casting Unleash Life hardly at all. This should be used before each Healing Rain (or perhaps every other time if you're using Healing Rain on CD). But either way, much more than he's using it.

He's using Healing Surge a lot! This spell should be used to save someone from dieing and that's it. He is likely struggling with mana because of this.
Enchanting his gear would be the first step :)
Switching the riptide glyph with HST glyph
Reforge the haste for Crit and spirit.
Use Unleash Life before healing rain more.
Looking at his logs/armory I'd suggest a few things:

(1) He needs to use healing stream totem on c/d. Some of his logs show he's using it frequently, while others show he isn't using it nearly enough (Mageara and Primoridius for example).

(2) He should use Glyph of Chaining. In a 10-man raid, Glyph of Chaining makes Chain Heal *so* much more useful, and he'll want to use Chain Heal more frequently (example: chain heal was 2.9% of his total healing on Twins; my last log for Twins shows it as 10.7% of my healing on that fight...though on some fights I see he's already using chain heal frequently). Of the glyphs he's using now, he can drop either Healing Wave or Totemic Recall for Glyph of Chaining.

(3) On talents: He needs to drop Echo of the Elements. It's too random to be useful for resto. Ancestral Swiftness is the preferred choice for resto in that tier, though Elemental Mastery is viable for certain fights. He should also drop Astral Shift for Stone Bulwark Totem. The absorb from SBT is fantastic, and tends to be the single largest source of heals (including heals from my other healers) that I receive each fight. Over the course of a fight SBT will save him a lot of mana and time spent casting heals on himself.

(4) If he's having mana issues (and I'm guessing he is), he should use healing wave more often. The logs show he is consistently under-using healing wave. If the target is >50% health and not under threat of receiving heavy damage soon, he should stick with healing wave over greater healing wave to conserve mana. Also, with a higher crit/spirit (see my next comment), he can literally spam healing wave without really using any mana.

(5) On gemming/reforging, a few things: (I) He should reforge and gem for crit, not mastery or haste. Right now he's reforged into 1900 points of haste, which is an utter waste. Our first haste breakpoint is around 3800 (he has 3100), and I wouldn't recommend going for that until he has a higher ilevel and can reach that without sacrificing crit/spirit levels. Also, 55% mastery is going to be mostly wasted when you're 3-healing fights because odds are the raid isn't going to be consistently low (under 40%) on health with 3 healers. Mastery is a much stronger stat when you're 2 healing fights. Having an absorb healer (i.e. disc priest) in the raid also devalues our mastery. He should aim for at least 15%+ unbuffed crit, and should keep in mind that crit is both a throughput stat and regen stat for shamans. (II) If he's struggling for mana, he should increase his spirit. If he swapped his int gems for spirit gems he'd increase his spirit by quite a lot. Personally I didn't get comfortable until I was over 12k spirit (and even then I was using a spirit flask/food), but mana usage varies according to raid comp and spell selection, so his spirit threshold might be different.

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