Didn't receive Frosty's Collar from Mail

Bug Report
just added a Wrath of the Lich King Collectors Edition KEY to my account, i haven't gotten the Frosty's Collar item, that would give me Frosty Pet..

How long usually do they send out the pet?
This is probably something better asked on the Customer Support forum.

I know that on WotLK launch day the pet was there when I logged in after upgrading my account. I don't actually recall how much of a lapse there was between the two events but it was definitely less than 24-hours.

Did you at least get the FoS recognising that you are now using a Collector's Edition WotLK?
Sorry, what is FoS?

If you mean by achievement, i can only get the achievement when i receive the item (Frosty's Collar Item)

I added the key in account management, hours ago. It stated that i have Wrath of the Lich King Collectors Edition.. but of course it will automatically update to the latest Expansion Box which is Mist of Pandaria
Try doing a password change. That may give it a nudge.
If that does not work, then you may need to open an in-game ticket or through the support link at the top of this page.

FoS = Feats of Strength

PS: there are currently on-going realm issues. so that may be causing the slow update.

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