GDKP Midwinter 25m ToT

Beginning Saturday (5/25/2013), I will start a ToT GDKP run.


Every Saturday from 7pm-1am est.

Why so long? With the current tier being 12 bosses (13 if you count Ra-Den), we would like to clear the whole thing to maximize the amount of gear and gold obtained.

If you know absolutely nothing about what "GDKP" stands for or how it works, see That is a little outdated, however it's the same concept.

To sign up and see more rules and the pricing, go to
Aw yea!
sounds fun should get on my grind been lazy to make g :P 30k not enough i think.
5.3 is a good time to start these! Might be the only pug 25 man on Sargeras lol. I'll sign up on my 3rd Mage.

If you haven't done a GDKP before they're really fun and you should try one out!

Thanks for running these for Sargeras.
Sign up! These will be good fun and if everyone comes prepared and listens attentively I'm very confident we can kill a lot of bosses.

In addition to the rules Incendioo posted in the linked thread, I'd remind everyone to have mumble installed, also. You'll be expected to be able to hear instructions.
filling up quickly, be sure to sign up before thursday night!
How much will 1k gold buy me?
They have the prices listed on the forum post that was linked.
This sounds like fun!
05/21/2013 07:49 AMPosted by Gondlem
Sign up!
roster is almost finalized for the week, sign up while a few spots remain
Fell off the first page. Run in 2 hours!
If you need anyone on/after Ji'Kun, I'd love to tag along.
Very successful first run. The pot was 47k, sign up quickly, new thread for next week going up soon on Midwinter forums!!!
Thanks for the run! GDKPs are always fun.
New thread is up on Midwinter forums to sign up for week 2!
1.17m pot for the first week, 47k per person. Good start.
Glad it went well :) Hope this week's is even better!
Also, doing heroic modes next week. Definitely Jin'Rokh and possibly more! Come grab your BiS items!!!

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