GDKP Midwinter 25m ToT

1.17m pot for the first week, 47k per person. Good start.

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roster going up tomorrow night, make sure to sign up before the deadline! Also check to see if you were slotted to know if you need to show up or not, keep in mind it's still suggested to show up if you aren't slotted because I'm sure there will be some no shows =D
Id be interested. Using this toon here. Guild kinda died so this seems like a decent way to get in a pug and get some loot lol.
Run tomorrow
participation is mandatory
T-minus 2 hours
Over 1.6 million in the pot this week, that's about 65k per person. Sign up for next week!
Sign up for next week!

I would but the Week 3 thread isn't up on the forums :/
New thread is up.
Awsome run 3 pieces of loot cost me 50k how could ya go wrong 1/2 price of the ah . wanna bring my mage this week @ 444 ilvl means i'll prob drop more then i should but such is life..
Week Three thread is up!
Sign up! Might go for H Jin'Rokh this week!
off front page qq
Sign up for this week's run!
Run today! In one hour to be exact.
1.93m pot this week! Getting better each time.
Week 4 post is up!

sign up early!
Hmm... GDKP. I've heard horror stories of participants of those getting flagged as gold-sellers and banned... I'll need some degree of reassurance - and a geared 90 fellow put through a BC-style "progression ladder" - before I consider participating.
Week 4 post is up!

sign up early!

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