Moon Guard RP hotspots Horde side

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Just transferred over here and looking for RP hotspots Horde side, but I guessed you knew that already from reading the title. away.
Wouldn't this be better on the realm forum?
Wouldn't this be better on the realm forum?
Sure why not. But does it really matter that much?
Mainly I would say Orgrimmar for lower levels and Pandaria at the Shrine for those at that level. Most of the hot spots as you call them are not going to be really all that active now with summer starting and school out. People are going on vacations, taking on summer jobs before going back to school in the fall, and having summer fun. Not so much the indoor gaming fest it is in teh winter months. This happens every year.

And truthfully I think you are better off concentrating on a good guild and getting involved in their rp. Random rp is not all that great to me. But everyone has their preferrence I guess.
WET is the MG realm forums, after all.
SMC has the most I've seen but I haven't spent much time in Org. as of yet. Feel free to add me as I enjoy RP :)
I play on moon guard and have been wanting a good RP. Gives me an excuse to play again. If you liked to add me you can :)
SMC is ok. Just try to ignore the huge masses of ERP. Honestly, Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar gets pretty popular around this time all nights. Close to 10-15 players around the inn. Rarely ever less.

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