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So for PvE I have been reforging crit>haste>mastery which seems to be doing the best for me, but my intuition tells me that crit>mastery>haste should be doing better or even mastery>crti>haste. Can anyone explain why haste is valued over mastery? Also I have been using TotH and it fits pretty nicely into a RNG rotation of LnL procs off of black arrow, but supposedly use dire beast is better but I can't pull as much DPS as with TotH, so what am I doing wrong here guys?
For your gear I'd say Crit > Mastery > Haste. RPPM trinkets, t15 4 set and/or a 502+ ilvl weapon will allow you to go Crit > Haste > mastery quite comfortably.

Dire Beast is the highest simming single target talent due to the damage it provides itself. However, for survival Fervor is typically better in practice due to its synergy with high focus dump points in our rotation (A Murder of Crows + ES/BA, big trinket procs). TotH is only if you're unable to manage the added cooldowns. Fervor is also the best for AoE.
^^ this.

Now, ToTH is only best in aoe if you are doing nothing but aoe, which isn't happening this tier unless your in a bad group. The reason Fervor and dire beast are better is that ToTH is proced, can be proced while it is still active, and with LnL and ToTH procs, it is way to easy for us to focus cap, losing dps, and when it reprocs before it runs out of old stacks, we lose more potential dps from the unspent stacks.

Dire beast and fervor are both controlled. On single target, Dire beast does more damage (as it deals damage and gives focus every time it deals damage), while generating less focus. On aoe fights, the extra focus generated by fervor leads to more aoe burst, and higher dps. as fervor is a controlled focus burst, it is easier to avoid being focus capped single target than it is when using ToTH.
Thanks guys ill change up my reforging and talents and see what happens

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