[A] Ignaeus Guard - KoS House [RP]

Emerald Dream
Flametalon is seen grazing on the grand plains of Mulgore.

((Thanks Tilea, I will continue improving on it as well ! :) ))
This Order takes a major (albeit silent) role in all RP events within the guild. How involved your character becomes, should you choose this path, is completely up to you.
I find this Rp to be incredibly intriguing.

If only I didn't find human male models so damn hideous :(
((I enjoy reading the RP bantor in this thread, more please.))
05/08/2013 02:58 PMPosted by Trastal
oh Perenador, how you make me laugh

Not only is he funny but he is a genius!

Modest as always :P /salute

& bump
((Bump, and thank you all for the support :) ))

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