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I am currently a 498 holy priest, but i cant find any decent/populated horde servers in the oceanic region. Can any one help/suggest a decent raiding relm
I can't tell.. is Wyrmrest Accord an Oceanic server? What are oceanic servers? xD
My advice is always the same - find a guild to go to rather than just a server. While people will encourage you to jump to Frostmourne or Barthilas etc, you will be left floating in trade trying to find a guild and a team in servers that are highly populated and overflowing with competition.

Do not discount the 'lower' population servers who are in need of raiders and who will happily give you a home straight up. May I recommend the Dath'Remar server forums - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1180901/

I suggest this as many guilds recruit in their server forums to keep out of the watchful poaching eye of the other servers in the Oceanic Guild Recruitment forums. There are many Dath Horde Guilds which are needing 1 or 2 permanent members each week and so they could offer you that home and team you're looking for.

Good luck!

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