Which druid spec has...

...the least hassle with keybinds and most survivability?

I'm going to make a new druid on Alliance and already have all the +int leather boa's for him. I haven't decided on race fully yet, but I'm leaning toward Worgen. I am willing to go NE too, as I like NE's, but Worgen seems cool as a druid because it's basically like you have an extra werewolf form to shift into along with your other forms. Like the were-druids of Malar from D&D Forgotten Realms setting.

Anyway, I'm leaning toward Resto spec (I am mostly looking to do PVE healing but also some PVP thrown in). Is the spec good right now? I mean I know it's considered a strong spec but is it actually fun to play? Does it handle well. Do all the keybinds and whatnot seem fluid and solid?

I was seriously considering Moonkin until I read some of the recent threads in this forum and most druid posters were pretty much trashing Moonkin it seemed like, lol. So I'll go Resto.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Balance sucks for leveling. I'm leveling a Restoration/Balance Druid and I found out that due to Killer Instinct, Cat form even in Balance or Restoration kills things faster. It's honestly stupid for balance although very helpful for Restoration.

Yeah, go Resto and once you get Killer Instinct (At 30ish) just go Cat Form.
Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I've heard that regardless of spec, cat form will be the go to dps for leveling. Though I've already done all the quests in the game basically and have had my fill of questing for the time being so I'll probably just level my druid solely through dungeons and pvp. I know it will slow down my leveling rate but that's fine I'm not really in a hurry to hit 90.

What I want to do is level with a main spec, to learn it's in and outs fully through the whole leveling spectrum so that once I hit 90 I know the class very very well. I might even main the toon at that point as I'm tired of my other toons at this point (my main is a blood DK btw). I've played mostly tanks. My healing experience comes from a couple of resto shaman toons.

I have almost NO experience with druids whatsoever so it's an undiscovered class for me.
It's hard to beat Moonfire/Sunfire spam for a while. Plus Rejuv makes us unkillable for many levels.
Ive lvled as moonkin and as kitty.. moonkin is by far the easier of the two imo dot and run and stuff will die
I find resto to be a very fun spec, leveling in BOAs it doesnt' really matter what your gear is, quests are easy enough, even if you do go boomkin. Boomkin is certainly slower than feral to level with, but with BOAs it won't be so bad.

If you are looking for a spec with not so many keybinds, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong class, mage is the class you are looking for lol. No matter what spec you play as a druid there are a ton of keybinds. Not just keybinds for your main spec, but also all of the stuff in cat and bear, which can come in very handy given the situation is.

Regardless of what spec you are, you ultimately end up playing 3 classes at once as a druid, healer/caster, tank, rogue. For me, that's the fun of the class, even if you are speced caster, the rogue/tank aspects of the class can come in really handy.

I've leveled everything, druid is certainly the most complicated class to play, by a pretty large margin.

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