Wish there were instanced solo challenges

Nah, this isnt a gripe about someone ks'ing some rare or whatever. I would just love it if there were solo challenges or scenarios. Something where maybe you have to use your traps, camo, etc. Kinda like old school 3rd person shooters.

My guild is just me and my alts, so all I do is solo old content at this point. I just think it would be cool if you go into a scenario with a specific goal based on class. Similar to how our Rhok/Lok quest was (just instanced). Say your scenario takes you to ungoro and your goal is a big game hunt. Maybe with an interesting animal you can tame or just something you have to kill. I could offer so many possibilities with this. (Like you are a skinner and the skin from the beast goes towards special soulbound items).

Something that is fun and interesting and challenging as well. And not something you can only do once a week. The brawler's guild was a good start, but I find it lacking.

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