[A]Aegis of Enmity-Raiding T/W/TH 630pm-9pmST

AoE is currently recruiting an exceptional Warrior Tank and Warlock. We are looking for someone who raids 6:30pm to 9:00pm Server time Tues / Wed / Thurs and wants to do progression raids with us, ilvl upwards of 550 but we wont discriminate on ilvl if you have talent. We are currently 13/14 on Norm SoO with our sights set on Heroics. There is no app to fill out but we will take you on a raid on a Friday to see if you mesh. If you fit in with us, you are in, that simple. PST to Zimxx in game or send a in-game message.

We have a solid team and look forward to working with you.
I remember when I needed a guild so I raided with AoE and liked it. You might too
I remember when I joined AoE, 20k Gold Magically appeared in my bags. (Experiences may differ)
I remember my first beer
/flirt- "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Good. Bring an ample supply of butter. And goblin jumper cables."
Who likes to party?
Recruiting again.

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