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My 10 man raid has been stuck on Tortos for three weeks now (51 wipes) and making no visible progress. The best we've done is 60% and usually at least one person dies by the second rock fall. I check the death logs and people are generally dying from the small rockfall damage (50k) as opposed to the direct hits (350k). We have our healers coodinating cooldown rotations but it never seems to be enough. I've read strategy discussions and can't find anything major we're missing. For reference here is our team:

Tortos tank: pally
Bat tank: DK
Healers: druid, pally, monk
DPS: hunter (on shells), mage, ele shaman, rogue, DK, warlock (1 dps sits out if everyone is online)

My raid crew is getting really frustrated beating our heads against the wall and it feels like we're missing something if we can't even get him past 60%. Any advice? Thanks.
Rockfalls come after quake stomp, make sure people are using personal cds to mitigate the stomp damage, your rogue especially should take hardly any if hes smart and thinks about his spec.

Keeping the turtles snared (aff lock with 70% snare is op) and killing them asap will help your healers immensely, there's nothing worse then your druid healer being knocked by a turtle mid tranq cast.
Everything Sabod said, perhaps look at single tanking, we found single tanking easier to heal then double
We're stuck on that fight too. It's brutal. We're having small problems all around. The main problem is getting Whirl Turtles down quick enough. Then it's a little bit of everything working well against us. We're also melee heavy which doesn't help in this fight. And we had some trouble with the bats eating the tank right after the Quake/Stun. The bats probably should be down before Quake, but we holding on to the shell we need to help kill bats to use for Breath. Our best attempt was about 35%.
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The main problem is getting Whirl Turtles down quick enough.

If that is really a problem lust on the pull it will carry over into the first turtle spawn, we started doing this on heroic and it helps immensely.

And we had some trouble with the bats eating the tank right after the Quake/Stun

Use some aoe stuns just before/after the stomp and it should get you through this, should give you enough time to get him topped before the bats eat him.
Make a raid CD rotation for Stomp:

1. Devo
2. Revival
3. Tree Form
4. Holy Avenger + Avenging Wrath

Repeat the order.

Use personals / Healthstone if you get low, monk healer Leg Sweep bats before each Stomp.
To be honest if people are dying to rockfall damage I would look at healers first. Also if a dps finds themselves really low it is possible to outrange the rockfall aoe and take 0 dmg or just eat a mitigation cooldown. 3 healing that fight rockfall damage shouldn't be your problem, and if it is I would say healer need to tweak some stuff.

I can't say for sure without seeing logs but if sounds like healer just aren't using moves to best potential. My raid has 2 healed it since we started ToT with me and a holy pally, so I know you can 2 heal it with under 505 ilvl on both healers.

Some tips I can give to the monk are to use your first tft uplift about 7-10sec before the first quake, then use it on cooldown for the rest of the fight, and it will always be up for quake. This ensures everyone will have renewing mist HoT on them for heavy rockfall period. Also I'd recommend using chi brew on this fight.

For the paladin I would recommend tossing out eternal flame on people instead of using light of dawn,unless the pally has 40% or higher mastery.

Again I'm not positive it is a healing issue without looking at a log. But with a druid monk pally it blows my mind that people are dying to rockfall damage. Between renewing mists and wild growth there should be no problems.
You might think about switching your tanks and having the DK on Tortos and your pally on bats. If he's using BH glyph and starts out on Tortos to gain Vengeance the bats will basically come right to him. Also, he can mitigate a lot of their damage with good SotR usage. As to stunning the bats as Sabod mentioned that may or may not be a good idea, as it can reset and synch their swing timers. One trick you can use to deal with Rockfall is to have everyone on one side of the room and then switch sides as a group. That might make it a bit easier to avoid.
EIther tank setup is good. DKs are fine. DKs have the advantage that they can Blood Boil and get mega-Vengeanced-dots on the Whirl Turtles as they come out.

If people are dying to Rockfall splash then you need to do some of the following:
* Improve healer co-ordination
* Make sure all players improve personal cooldown usage
* Remind players that if they can stand so that they're not going to get hit by 4 overlapping Rockfall splashes then they should

For example if your DPS DK or Rogue die to Rockfall splash, they're just bad. (The others might be too, I just picked on those two as I know they have abilities to negate most of the damage from Stomp and Rockfall).

Another thing that might be going wrong is the turtles moving too quickly: make sure you have something set up so they are snared to the max. You don't want healers having heals interrupted by being hit by a turtle.

We have melee and bat tank stack on one side of Tortos and then after Rockfalls start we move across to the other side, avoiding most of the Rockfall splash.
EIther tank setup is good. DKs are fine. DKs have the advantage that they can Blood Boil and get mega-Vengeanced-dots on the Whirl Turtles as they come out.

Another point in favor of having the DK on Tortos. He can also Chillblains the turtles as they come out. Usually the bats do come right for me and I tank them on top of the boss, but sometimes I do have to come out a bit to pick them up.
Some things your Druid can do: 1. Have him symbiosis the shaman for spirit walkers grace. Tranq on the move = total win. Also, have your pally BoP a healer right before stomp and they won't get stunned. Rockfall damage is nature so have people remember that for their CD usage.
Tortos is the Garalon of T15: simple mechanics, painfully tight tuning for most raiders.

If you've already choreographed Stomp/Rockfall healing CDs and still can't succeed, it's unfortunately a gear issue. Mere mortals simply need a little more output and a little more Stamina to make it those 7-8 minutes. My 25-man got it after 70 wipes and five weeks of farming LFR and the first three bosses.

Just hang in there, because the kill will feel amazing.
Though I've only gotten two Tortos kills (with I think 100 wipes), I still don't Tranquility -- unless there's a Shaman for SWG. As long as people aren't getting splash damage from multiple rockfalls, the damage is very managable. I pre-HoT half the raid starting at ~6 seconds before stomp, and immediately before Stomp, I'll Swiftmend, using a SotF-empowered WG.

We've found things go easier if ranged toons group up before stomp, that way the bulk of the rockfalls are in one location, and everyone can then move out of the "big whammy".
1) Put squishy/low survivability characters in group 2, make sure you prioritize shielding/healing them first.
2) Pally bubble healer/squishy targets. Pre hot.
3) As people mentioned, rotate cooldowns.
4) If you dont have a disc priest, really the trick is to be vocal when rock fall is coming and
have a planned running route when it hits and have healers be ready to hit the low people.

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