For those late to MoP/LF a Start-up Guild

Hey everybody.

Couple of my friends and I just finished up our college semesters and picked up MoP after a long WoW layoff. We've gone through the raid finders and stuff, have gotten fairly geared, blah blah blah.

Anyway, we are thinking about starting up a guild and running through stuff like MSV, HoF, and ToES before we head into ToT. Since we were late comers, it'll probably take a week or two until we push the 500 ish iLevel for ToT.

Long story short, anybody in the same boat wanting to join in? We're gonna get to ToT, and we plan on getting content done. We just got a little delayed in starting to get there... :3

And we want to get a headcount before we make a guild, fail miserable to recruit, and then are forced to wallow in our shame and failure.

Thanks <3
Got a few in-game replies. Keep em comin' guys. Respond here or in game for info!

A friend of mine and I just came back from a situation similar as yours and have been looking to raid a little again. He and I would be interested if you can use a Rogue and Mage in your group. We're both in the 490 iLvLs and have full pre-ToT raiding experience.
Have you guys Started Raiding yet?
Tanks just finished up finals today, and they are pushing 480 ilevel so we actually plan on doing something this Friday or Saturday.

Currently, our raid team is in need of one more ranged DPS and one more healer.

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