[A] 10M Brimstone LF Heals/RDPS - 1/13 H

Brimstone is currently a 1/13H 10M on Lightbringer-US and looking to recruit Ranged DPS and heals.

Preferred Classes:

Disc Priest
Also considering an exceptional non-DK tank

We raid 3 nights a week Monday-Wednesday @ 8pm-11pm PST Server Time. In need of exceptional ranged dps and a healer to continue heroic push through content.

Expectations of potential recruits:

90% Attendance
Own Flasks/Potions (Food guild provided)

For more information or if interested please feel free to contact me in-game on Lightbringer toon Elilia or Real ID Kithkanin#1888.
Still looking
Still looking to add a Disc Priest and Warlock - Immediate trial spots available for next weeks clear.
Bumping to find some fresh DPS
Adding a melee as a potential as well - If you're a melee DPS with ToT experience and looking for a guild, shoot myself or Genesis a message!

Interested in our guild, gimme a shout
Need a healer and a DPS for this weeks raid
Still looking to add a healer to our mix - Interested in a disc priest or monk - Look us up in game if interested for an immediate trial spot starting next week.
heals needed
Im looking for a new guild and ive been eyeing LB for a few weeks now
Sending out a BUMP! We would like to recruit a new DPS and would prefer a warrior, though we are open to other classes as well. The main thing is that you must be competitive with our other current DPS, and willing to push hard for the heroic kills!

We are currently 2/13 heroics (Jin Rock and Ji Kun) and pushing for kills on Horridon and Iron Qon.

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