Promise (5) looking for raiders

Hello Illidan,

We are a new guild (small) looking for more players that want to raid, but don't have a group or guild that permits this. We are starting over, having transferred here not all that long ago. We'll be starting with T14 (MSV/HOF/TOES) and taking things from there.

Looking for all classes and roles, we wish to build a group of happy players that can commit to a day a week for a few hours to get together and kill some big bad guys. No stress, no anxiety.

Raid day is Wednesday, in the evening (7pm-10pm server). This can be changed for what works for everybody.

Feel free to contact me in game.

Battletag Laminated#1461 incase you are from another server and willing to transfer here :)

edit: Raid day changed to let everyone have their weekends to themselves.
We could use a few DPS and maybe one with a healing offspec.
Bump... still looking for a couple players. Returning players or players with limited raiding experience, but wish to raid, are welcome! :)
This is for 10 man, starting with MSV/HoF/ToES
We could use a hunter. Catch me in game if you are interested :)
Now level 11. Boy, how time is flying by!

We are in search of a shadow priest and/or boomkin that wishes to raid Wednesday evenings (7pm-10pm server).

Casuals and levelers also welcome for the perks :)
Are you interested in a warlock?
We certainly are. Is raiding Wednesdays good for you? We had our first raid week just a week back and blew through MSV in just over an hour. Going to do ToES this coming Wednesday and then take stock of where we are to see if we can get started with ToT. Give me a shout in-game :)
Been looking to raid with a group, but none meet my time. If the raid stops at 10pm server then that will work for me. Main Enhance / Offspec Resto.
Still looking for a couple of dps :) Give me a shout in game!

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