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Hey guys, I really need some basic tips for sub pvp. Ive always ran assassination and so I'm really comfortable with that Playstyle but everyone says sub is dominant for arena. I look at all the sub abilities and I just get lost. I know every fight is different, but can I please just get a basic rotation to burst dps a target down? What you open with, which abilities follows, then the one after that, etc. because I really have no idea the setup it takes for sub. Also if anyone could, what talents you'd suggest, especially in tier 1. I just don't know when or if to use rupture or evicerate, when to use hem., when to backstab, ambush, shadow dance, slice n dice for energy, etc. I'm coming here for help not for insulting or unhelpful responses like "google." Thanks to everyone who replies :)

Some of this will be outdated as of patch 5.3, but it covers the basic idea of sub play style, talents, gemming, enchanting, etc.

For the list of nerfs we are getting you can always check the PTR notes.

Also, pvp power and pvp resilience stats are changing as well in 5.3.

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