Will we be seeing the three amigos reunite?

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I mean Rexxar, Chen and, Rokhan

maybe Musketeers would be better then amigos
i think three amigops would've been better.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZg9QtD8fK0 (if you dont know the refrence)
I would think they would have shown up in 5.3 if they were going to.

So that's a negatory from me.
I don't think so.

But who knows what 5.4 will have. I expect some sort of daily zone be part of Org and we may have the 3 of them be there. Chen is a pretty much a given, Rokhan may make his comeback, but I have my doubts about Rexxar, but he did come to the Horde's aid in Cata.

As sad as it may seem, however, I don't think Blizz will do this so as to not anger the Alliance even further. More cool stuff for the Horde? ARgh!!!
Even as Alliance, the WC3 part of me would like to see this happen.
I have been wanting this since mist was announced.

the three of them sharing a drink of Chens Thunderbrew at the grave of Cairn, it does not have to be some cool thing that makes the Alliance jerks jelly.
I now imagine them singing the following:

I remember seeing that Chen is helping Vol'jin and the interact in the Vol'jin book
Only problem is that they don't use muskets.
Only problem is that they don't use muskets.

Two of them are hunters(of a sort), they could learn.

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