503 Resto Shaman

Hello Kil'jaeden! I am looking for a new home. I'm a 503 resto shaman in need of a raid team. I have 6/6MV 6/6 HoF 4/4 Toes, and 3/12 ToT experience. I wish I could say I had more but my server is dead and finding groups takes forever. I really want to see all of ToT and get to Heroic content. In Cataclysm I had some Heal rankings, I am very knowledgeable of my Class and spec and can be an true asset to the team.

My battletag is Crimsion#1364.
Hello, <HF> is looking for a possible healer for our fri-sat-sun 10man 7-10pm server time. The spot would be up for trial if that would interest you.
Booze is currently recruiting to work on our ToT progressing we could always use a shaman ele/resto if ur interested our raid times are 9pm ST- 12am ST Tuesdays, Thursdays, Mondays. If u got any quests hit me up at DrunkLegend#1974.

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