What counters your class the most?

Not necessarily the most, but what are some counters you face as a class?

Please, no trolling or misleading. Share your weakness and gain insight into other classes in return.

For me, putting me in a root and a silence is practically a stun. Frostjaw takes the lead with that one... I can't even Tiger's Lust out of it. Nova into a Counterspell and similar combos accomplish the same thing.
Unholy Death Knight is probably the most annoying. Not necessarily a counter, but more difficult to deal with.
Unholy DKs, BM, Sub, and worst of all Tremor totem.

edit: with mind numbing
Really depends on a lot of factors.

I really don't like Druids, Shamans or Hunters.
Hunters! BOOOO
Frost Mage
Monks with Ring of POS
Rogues as a moonkin. The lockout is just too long. It hurts my feelings.
Warriors and DKs train me pretty hard really.
As a holy pally? everything. I mean everything.
ring of peace

Mages I can sometimes get lucky with and kill, but usually it's the ferals that get me.

Dks have proven to be a problem too.
UH dks with amz and a VERY skilled fire mage.

and shadow priests, when i fight shadow priests i feel like im in cataclysm and im a blood dk dueling another blood dk

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