What counters your class the most?

Spriest if there is LOS can be annoying 1v1 if they just LOS and heal, really don't have a way to chase them as warlock reliably and stop all heals. If there's no los I can usually beat spriests as destro, even if I have to make them go oom first

Conversion spec Unholy dk can also be annoying, but killable as demo.

same with feral, although feral can be fear spammed if they get a strong opener and go bearform while bleeds are up they sometimes kill me, I have no idea how to fight ferals though, so might just be me being bad at it.
Mages, followed by rogues, followed by every other dps spec in the game. Plus we cannot even dent healer hps even with full cooldowns rolling and all procs up.

On the upside it's a fantastic spec for mount farming TBC dungeons, so there's that.

Oh, and we get wrath from symbiosis, so we're pretty much set IMHO.
Not necessarily the most, but what are some counters you face as a class?

lag thats about it

Physical damage really sucks as a dk. We only have two defensive abilities for that, blood pres and conversion, neither are really defensive cds made for handling heavy burst damage.
So warriors, rogues, hunters. That's about it.
Anything with a root.
Imp Swarm.
A decent mage as either holy or ret. Not much you can do even pre-walled against a DF>CS.

I agree with this. Deep freeze pretty much equals death.
The class that counters me "the most" would be a rogue, next would be warrior. The thing that I hate the most is getting stunned up, and that seems to happen alot now days.
Being focused by a warrior/ hunter as my arena partner /dances because they only want to kill me Q.Q
Dks, hunters, spriests
On my warrior: Mages and monks are the worst. dieing in ring of peace and deep freeze all day (ring of peace because you cant use defencives as a warrior in it)

on my mage: ferals and hunters. Reason: they burn through me with mongoloidness.

on my disc: dks and rogues: Mind numbing = gay and necrotics + retard damage = double gay rainbow.

Even horrible hunters can win a fight vs a mage by smashing their face into random cds and CC.
Unholy DKs, Frost Mages, and WW Monks.
rogues and hunters that know how WW monks work. Un-knowledgeable rogues and hunters are quite easy to kill.
Any class that has a purge button
MW monks. Everytime I line my death runes up and pop my cds they disarm me and roll away. I know I'm bad but it still makes me wanna flip tables.
On my monk, as a WW - hunters, by far. MW? Probably a good UHDK.

On my Hpaladin, Mages. Easily.

On my RShaman, rogues. They can easily solo me if I don't get immediate peels, especially if I don't have a trinket. Along with Mages, they feel kind of broken at the moment.
As fire mage - BM hunter all day, Enh shamans. I feel like other dps I can play well and it'll come out to the best man winning. Healers MW monks are nearly impossible for me to kill, shamans are so powerful against fire mages.

Frost is very similar except I feel like I have more for MW monks.

As holy pally - !@#$ mages lol
As ret pally - oh you huntards, and mages counter pallys pretty hard

As WW monk - Hunters can be pesky, other than that it's just me trying to do monky type things and land a kill. Surprisingly difficult. Although I'd say my biggest counter so far is silences.

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