ruinous lol

Haha, this dude talking so much trash. I enjoyed watching you and 2 of your guildies get !@#$ stomped by 1 BM hunter in malev from korgath.
WTB braincells for the guildless lonewolf hunter.

Someone please level a hunter named McQuade and put it in a guild called <Lone Wolf>

I want more Chuck Norris jokes in my game experience.
Still can't figure out what this post is about.
Still can't figure out what this post is about.

Best to just let this die now.
And suddenly.... BATMAN!
I was minding my own business a week or so ago when I notice Stormwind was being attacked. I ran to the stockades only to see Cornelia protecting our fair city from the attacking gingers.

Like a bat in the night she was running to and fro making said gingers zone in and out of the instance. Then I came to the conclusion...

Corneilia isn't the hero we need, but the one we deserve.
Sometimes during the sad excuse of night time in WoW, you can see me sitting atop my clock tower.
Mfw yfw lolololol

y so mad
Why did I read this entire thread?
Same reason I didn't. ^_^

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