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I recently started messing around on some Alliance characters on a different server. I've found that only on characters on that server if I right click in that one spot in the screenshot, that dropdown menu will popup. I have no idea what it is and framestack isn't helping me. I don't have any addons enabled on those characters that aren't enabled on my Horde characters on my normal server.

Oh, in the framestack info: the weakauras frame and spell activation overlay frame are present in the location on all characters. The only ones that are new are the drop down lists, and those don't show up until I get the dropdown to pop up.

edit: I found the frame "name" that's causing it. In this screenshot it is table: 000000022266530


According to the framestack tooltip, it goes from x542 to x582 and from y403 to y410. So it's very small. I guess I'm going to start doing a binary disabling of my addons to see if I can find it.
Found it. It's DBM boss health frame. Not sure why it's down there, I have it hidden anyway.

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