Shockadin PVE?

Since so many people just brush off ya inquests into shockadins, here is some info for those actually wanting to try it.

First Gear, try to use 0 mastery on gear. when picking an item SPT > CRT > haste. and NO mastery at all if possible.
And get 4pc set bonus on White tiger set for HS CD reduction.

Trinkets: pick up INT caster dps trinkets, with + dmg or + crit effects.

Hit = useless you are hit capped automatically.
Mastery = useless in pve shockadin.
Haste benefits only denounce. it's helpful but generally waists haste. (gain haste from abilities instead).
Crit can help a lot, also remember you have 25% bonus crit on HS. so getting 50%+ crit on HS if easy. I've seen with good timed procs 95% HS crit rates on logs.
SPT re-gen which you need a lot of, but to much and not enough crit hurts dps. It's a hard balance on going OOM vs DMG. The key to this build is mana management. which many dps caster don't worry about anymore.

I find holy prism on a 20sec CD the best. but if having issues with mana don't use it. One of the alternative don't use mana costs.
Use Light hammer for aoe.
and Execution is best for long duration boss fights which don't need target switching. and can is more forgiving on mana, yet normally returns slightly less dps. do not use on short duration targets.

Select holy avenger gives you a third proc'd buff to use in combat.
But I like to use Sanc Wrath as it reduces my HS CD. pair with the 4pc set bonus on White tiger set I get 4 sec CD HS normal, and with Avenger up 2 sec CD. this helps for HS spamming.

use SS as a nice dmg reducer that is free, or use selfless healer if you plan on needing to throw out some heals. Use judge in rotation for the chance at mana return, and to stack buff for FoL until free cast.


Holy shock is a must.
glyph of harsh words a must. this changes WoG into a dmg spell to use only with 3 holy's

the optional glyphs are denounce or illumintation.
if short on mana and have high crit, use illumination to for 1% mana return on HS crit. if you gear for 50% HS crit this works great.
else denounce give a 50% chance to reduce cast by 1 sec. giving for me a 0.3 sec cast time. this can be a mana drain though, but increases dps.

Managing guardian can be tricky but can lead to a good denounce dps burn.
The guardian will not proc from dps attacks. so use a couple low cost heals.
near best used at start of combat when full mana.
use judges to get a free FoL,

proc guardian and FoL do a free FoL, then us 1-2 HL and a HS on self. this you can get 40-50% haste buff. proc DF for additional 20% crit and haste.
and do a denounce burn for the duration of haste buff.

once done the burn proc A-torrent for 2% mana, and DP for 12% to recover mana. pop a potion for mana as well. if have a mana trinket pop it if needed for more mana.

then AW for 20% dmg buff and with Sanc talent a 2-4 CD HS. and do a prism/exec>HS>wog(3 holy) rotation with denounce as filler. Optional add Judgement for some mana at cost of dps to regen when needed.

My gear is still not fully converted to DPS optimal, as use both I DPS, and Healing and not finished gearing DPS. Yet I pull 50k dps in raids, and sometimes see up to 65k. It's not a top dps, but with management and tweaking is very usable for solo/LFD/LFR.

*Note on PVP, I believe PVP power no longer buffs holy pally dmg. So this is not recommended for PVP at all.
People keep saying haste is pointless since it only helps Denounce. But I say it's not pointless because, through Sanctity of Battle, it reduces the cd of Holy Shock, Judgement, and Crusader Strike. All three of those add a charge of Holy Power.

If mana is your issue, I am currently using Divine Purpose, and my rotation is basically chalk full of instant casts. Holy shock, Judgement, Crusader Strike, AND using selfless healer's free Flash of Light on yourself while YOU are self buffed with your Beacon, gives you charges of Holy Power.

Whenever Divine Purpose procs, you get another mana saving gcd. My thought is with enough haste, your Holy Shock and Judgement cd's could be at 4.5s, which means you can weave in Holy Shock, Harsh Words, Judgement, Harsh Words forever... and Holy Prism on cd as well. With the glyph of denounce stacking up with all the Holy shocks, you will be able to toss in instant (or half-second) Denounces fairly often as well. I also use Pursuit of Justice, as I am able to quickly get to 3HP when necessary through Holy Shocking and Flash of Light on yourself and another judgement.
Thank you, after a year of waiting we finally got our answer.
God bless you based Cylextra.
Oh, and haste helps your censure too. :p
Wow, year old necro, and some people still post as if this was started yesterday.
Are things still in the same situation as they were a year ago? If so, then the topic is still relevant.
08/16/2014 06:29 PMPosted by Cylextra
Are things still in the same situation as they were a year ago? If so, then the topic is still relevant.

A) Some talents / gear balance have changed
B) Don't necro
C) Are you basing your experience on lvl 90 ?
08/16/2014 06:29 PMPosted by Cylextra
Are things still in the same situation as they were a year ago? If so, then the topic is still relevant.

Start your own thread. The original posters might have left or aren't checking the forums anymore. Necro'ing and posting as if nothing happened after being told is frowned upon (it's also pretty bad practice).

The people you were replying to with your "haste" comment are most likely not here anymore and can't read it, and you're talking to people who played in 5.3, with 5.3 level gear, while we're now in 5.4.8, with different gear and trinkets.
Why have shockdin if ret pally is around, stop adding more pointless spec to pally, they got enough balance issue already...
Shockadin PVE will never be a viable thing.

But perhaps with the removal of PVP power in WoD they might be able to do decently in PVP.
For dailys shockadins may not be as fast as ret but I've never had issues dou be holy specs ftw
thanks for all the Shockadin suggestions for levelling. I may have to dust this character off and try it out. Never liked the Blood Elf 2 hand weapon animations alongside carrying 2 sets of gear for Battlegrounds Healing and STR gear for quest grinding so it's nice to know Shockadin is doable for questing / levelling all the way to MoP if one so chooses.

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