Great Tragedy.

My fellow Alliance it pains me to inform you all that on the 12th of May the Horde are becoming bolder, So bold in fact that they have tagged our world bosses. We must react to this intrusion of Alliance dominance and we must react swiftly if we are to ensure our continued dominance of Lightbringer for if we do not we will become overrun like so many other servers have. We must attack them continuously and without mercy for if we show the slightest bit of hesitation we will fall. We must ransack the Shrine of the Two moons, burn their cities, and most importantly break their spirits. We will remind them of their places when we undermine them at every turn. We will show them that we will not give up our Server without a fight.

For Stormwind, For the Alliance!
Most people do world bosses after server maintenance, or within the first few days after. The fact that you're doing it on a Sunday doesn't surprise me that they got a tag.

Also, I don't recall this being an RP server.
The Horde will show us no mercy we must give them no quarter. They will terrorize our populations we must stand fast in the face of that terror. They will advance until our last city falls but we will not fall, We will prevail. Each of us will be defined by our actions in the coming battle. Stand fast, Stand strong, Stand together.

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