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I've been playing a couple of years and am 47. Started reading fiction when I was a teenager. This is to be my first RP toon. I did my homework on Orcs at least from a google the orcs basis. I'd like your critique on the Following info and see if this fits lore or do I have something wrong? Never mind about your particular politics on Garrosh, just is this a workable scenario. Keep in mind it starts with a child's horrific discovery. and there are no Spoilers for those that haven't hit 90 yet.

The next post in the thread will contain the info. Seems I hit the 5000 char limit.
Race: Orc
Name: Thraltan Name given in honor of Thrall and Durotan. His parents desire was to see Peace for their race after years of war and internment.
After his clan was slaughtered by Theremore Soldiers, he and his sister were taken in and further taught by the Warsong Clan. Both he and his sister are now proud members of the Warsong clan and would give their lives for their brothers and sisters and elders.
Thraltan of the Warsong Clan

Age: [name] is a young 18. On the cusp of maturity. Forced to grow up fast. Wise beyond his years. He is eager to prove himself worthy to be called an Orc.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Hunter, able to create with the skins of the ame He kills and able to cook skills he learned from both parents in his young life he still has much to learn about these professions.

Physical Description and personality traits:
He is of above intelligence because of his diet and constant exercise from just living and working in the harsh environment unlike many of his elders that had endured the lethargy and hardship of internment camps. He has sharpened his traits of Agility and endurance. His Skin having gone from a light green at birth to a tannish yellow from his 18 years under the harsh Durotar Sun.
He really has a complex personality. He is fiercely loyal to the Horde and especially His race. He is loving and caring to the Horde and his clan yet because of his past there is a cold burning hatred of the alliance and ESPECIALLY humans. He says the word with a growling hatred that cannot be mistaken. Men, women, children, it does not matter to him. They all are subject to his wrath.

Secrets: he doesn’t consider it wise for Garrosh to alienate himself from the other Horde races. Nothing good can come of it. It worries him, these cracks in the Horde.

Grew up on the harsh plains of Durotar. His father and Mother told him of their lives in the internment camps in Lordaeron after the Second War. He grew to love the legendary tales of how Thrall rescued the Orcs from the Internment Camps. Afterwards, His parents took up Shamanism from The Tauren after helping them in their war efforts thus sealing their entrance into the Horde. He know from his parents that their ancestors on Draenor were shamanistic people and his people needed to get back to that. His clan had decided to more or less settle in Durotar and take up root raising boar for food and clothing. His dad always took him hunting with him giving him his first bow when he was 6 and barely able to draw it. He is of above intelligence because of his diet and constant exercise from just living and working in the harsh environment unlike many that had endured the lethargy and hardship of internment camps. He is a deadly aim with a bow and arrow. It was while He was coming back from his first hunting forays that he saw it. An event that would forever change his life and alter his view of the Alliance and Humans in particular. As he came back proud to show his father the game he had taken, he had to hide and watch as the Theremore soldiers rode past in their shiny armor still bloody from some battle and laughing. He hadn’t learned human speech and knew not what the said. After he got home with the meat and skins of the Raptor He had taken down, the scene he saw told him whose blood was on the soldier’s armor. It had been his community. He dropped the skin and the meat it contained and ran to his homestead where he found his father beheaded and a bullet through his mother’s forehead. He found his young Sister hiding and shaking uncontrollably. As he stood there holding his inconsolable sister who was a strong warrior leaning girl whom never cried at anything, he vowed a burning pledge to do what it took to see Theremore pay for what they did. He pledged to someday take from the alliance what they took from him. At 15 he stands on the brink of adulthood and vowed to his loyalty to the newest Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream and the end of Theremore. Not sure of how it will be accomplished. He knows Hellscream will get revenge for all of them.

Current Going-On (if any):
After 3 years of honing his skills with the Bow and Arrow He stands before Kaltrunk having officially come of age and ready to seek his fortune and eventual greatness in the Horde. He also needs and desires to seek a trainer to hone his leatherworking and skinning and cooking skills. He knows He will eventually need them to make a living while he adventures.
Hi Baldandold/Thaltan,

Sorry for the late reply! :P

Overall, I think you'll be fine. If you haven't already, get familiar with the Warsong clan, Gromm and Garrosh Hellscream and Shamanism as it is in Warcraft Lore. Even if your character isn't a shaman, the family knowledge would have been in your life at a early age and some of that may have made an impression in your backstory.

Some added rp lore can be taken from the Shaman quests starting out, so it could be cool to make an alt and go through those as Orc and Tauren to get some background.

I hope some of this helps. :)


"In many ways, the curse of our people began and ended with Grom. His name meant "Giant's Heart" in our ancient tongue. He earned that name a hundred fold as he stood alone before the demon Mannoroth — and won our freedom with his blood. Lok'Tar Ogar, Big Brother. May the Warsong never fade."
— Thrall, Warchief of the Horde

Links to Useful Information:

Note: Take pretty much anything lorewise with a grain of salt, Blizzard can call a retcon at any time and rewrite to fit the story in game. The Articles from WoW Insider are helpful, but feel free to adapt as needed and try to fit it into the game's lore. The lore links are to be a supplement to what you have may already researched. I hope it is a help.

In the end, it's all about fun, so work towards that goal. :)

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