Good Addons for the visually impaired?

Hey guys! I was wondering what type of addons you use in arenas to help you notice important CD's being popped or anything of that sort. If you could direct me to some, I would be grateful! Thanks.
Gonna be honest, when I opened this I was expecting to read that you were a blind person trying to play WoW..
Go to Settings > Advanced > and change your UI scale to around 1.0

Download GladiatorLoSA, and install it.

That's the most I can help you with.
Platebuffs. Puts icons for both buffs/debuffs on top of nameplates. Can configure which buffs, and can set the scale very large as well.

I believe TellMeWhen can be configured to track enemy cooldowns as well as play sounds for certain triggers.
WeakAuras does similar things to TellMeWhen, but is a bit more customizable. Losecontrol can be set to show a huge icon when someone is CCed.
GladiatorLossa and EZPvP are two that don't *require* much config if you just want to get up and running and either have audio (GladiatorLossa) or big, consistently-placed icons (EZPvP).

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