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I've been playing Alliance for years and would like to try Horde again for a change of scenery. Aesthetics are more important to me than anything else - after years of elves and female humans I'd like something different.

For example, Orc male warriors really seem to scream 'Warcraft' to me. Tauren males are a big change from what I see in Stormwind - Tauren females are fun because they are more rare. Undead? I love Undercity and the lore but I am not sure if they just plain creep me out or make me laugh...

So my question is: what race/class combo would just make you giggle with WoW nostalgia when you play it? Are Tauren warrior leaps awesome? Goblin mage animations a hoot? Troll Shaman? I know it is subjective but you must have some idea of what tickles the inner geek.

And because I always try to follow stickies:

What have you played before?
Hunter to lv 77, Paladin to 86, lots of others to low levels.

Describe what you liked and disliked about those classes. Be detailed!
Prot Paladin: love tanking 5 mans, love controlling the flow of the group, enjoy supporting others more than maxing Recount, love the complexity of managing cooldowns and threat in heroics, but I am a little burnt on tanking now so I need a change
BM Hunter: I love how easy it levels, love how simple the pew pew pew is, complete opposite of tanking, just mindless questing, but the simple nature of the class eventually got boring and redundant

Are you leveling via PvE or PvP? Chain-running dungeons?
90% PvE, PvP every now and then. I'd like to solo quest mostly to see the new Cata low levels (well, new to me). Would like to run 5 mans every few levels but I need a break from just tanking LFD over and over :)

Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!).
Race is critical. I want to get into the look, animations, and lore of The Horde. Something very un-Alliance. Don't care about racial abilities - just aesthetics.

Heals/tank/DPS? What's your style for DPS - melee or ranged?
I'd like DPS for a change, range or melee. I have been a tank for so long I'd like to just crank out some damage numbers. I would not mind healing in 5 mans (e.g. solo as Shadow Priest DPS but heal dungeons).

Any favorite game mechanics? (DoTs, HoTs, stealth, mana, etc)
I'm not a fan of stealth - could never get the hang of it and it made leveling feel slow. Maybe that has changed in WoW - not sure. Also I do not like DKs for reasons I cannot really explain. I prefer classes that are more than 1-2 buttons - I like depth and complexity.

Pet or temporary pet or none at all? Does it matter?
I think I'd prefer no pet since the Hunter got boring, but if the pets are more interesting I am not set against it.

Orcs, trolls, and tauren are the foundation of the Horde, but right now they aren't as united as they used to be, while the Forsaken, blood elves, and goblins are in it more for convenience. Currently I don't see anyone being more anti-Alliance than the Forsaken and blood elves, but IMO Gallywix would probably overlook the whole "misunderstanding" with the Alliance if he was paid well enough.

I'd say start with a troll, or make an orc and run over to the Echo Isles to quest there. Questing through Kalimdor will show what it's like in Garrosh's Horde, along with how the conflict has developed through Cata and into MoP. If you make a tauren you'll just see a bit of their own history, then be sent to Org to join the orcs and trolls. Goblins will end up there too, but blood elves and Forsaken see something entirely different.

Tauren and blood elf paladins are rather different from human/dwarven and draenei paladins, but the Sunwalkers do have a strong presence in Pandaria. Warriors strike me (haha) as more Horde-ish. Tauren druids and orc shaman have a lot of history, but you'll see a lot more about the druids while questing than the shaman. Orc warlocks are pretty classic as well, playing with demons is a lot of how we ended up where we're at now. Troll druids are newer, and along the same vein as tauren paladins, the class works the same as with Alliance but their reason for existing is very different.

Um...I'd say if you want pure DPS, try a mage or give warlock a shot (Demonology can eventually go without the pet, and Destruction is so much badda-boom that I usually forget I have a helper). For a healer option, priest, druid, or shaman -- the druid will have a tank option too for emergencies/nostalgia, and they and shaman can do ranged or melee, plus you can toss out some backup heals if things start going pear-shaped.

If you want zero to do with tanking, priest or mage might be your first consideration. Hopefully a priest can chime in with the pros of that class; Arcane spec is still kinda mindless (not as much as during Cata but close), but I think Fire is more reactionary, haven't touched Frost since Wrath so I can't help there.

Hope that blathering helps narrow things down....
Personally, when I want to roll a horde, it's at least 50% likely to be a female troll, 50% anything else. They have a noble bearing, great animations and a nice dance. Oh, and good curves xD.
Female troll or female goblin. Both are sassy and take no crap. Forsaken questline "Welcome to the Machine" is awesome and well worth playing even if you never take your forsaken to end game.

Class, try a warlock. Yes you have a pet but they play differently to hunters (I have a 90 hunter and a 90 lock). I quite like the complexity that you can get with the different specs and different pets (DoTs, explosions and rains of fire, oh my). My mage (frost spec) is a bit of a one button wonder. I like her but mainly because I play her when I feel the need to just pew pew with no thinking. Note, mage is not yet 90 so this may change. Shadow priest feels simpler to play than a lock, personally speaking, so that may not suit you although you have the option of healing for a completely different aspect of the game. Disc healing and holy healing play quite differently (proactive vs reactive) and you can level quite successfully as disc until about 40-50 where damage output slows down a little. I think priest complexity is more present in the healing specs than in shadow simply because you have so many healing tools by end game.

Personally I find BM hunter at 90 to be quite complex. They have an enormous number of cooldowns and absolute bags of utility. Playing them well is quite difficult (something I haven't yet mastered). I'm pointing this out to say that your idea of complexity and mine might be different so take what I'm saying with as many grains of salt as you like.
You guys rock - you completely got what I was looking for. Thanks for the advice. Heck, you even got me reading up on the Horde lore on Wowpedia :)
This is a little late - but Male Orc characters are bad !@#, especially if you can get them in mail or plate gear. The bulky look on Orc's are awesome if you ask me! Mail > Plate for look in my opinion :D

Orc Warrior or Orc Shaman (biased) would be a good choice for ya :)

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