[A] LF raid guild

I'm considering transferring to the server and am looking for a raid guild.

Currently 510-515 (equipped) ilvl in cat/bear specs, prefer cat if possible but most of my MoP raiding was done as bear.

Also have 480-490 ilvl warlock, blood dk and arms warrior if one of these is more desirable, I'm happy to play/gear any toon to get off the dying/dead server I'm currently on!

I'm available after 9pm server through the week, and all day on weekends.

ps. ignore the lack of gems/chants/reforging, due to poor attendance over the last month or so and not being able to find replacements on my current server, i haven't bothered with it.. will be fixed before i step into a non-lfr raid :)

Our current goals:

Have 1 25man progression raid group.
Have 1 10man progression raid group.

25man raid group will be raiding Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday from 5:45pm - 8:00pm
10man raid group weekends (Saturday Sunday) from 2:30pm - 5pm Server time

I also host a 25man MSV/ToES Openraid via http://Openraid.us at the 5:30pm Tuesdays.

We are looking at starting our raids in ToES/ToT so a minimum iLvL of 490 will be in effect.

We are currently recruiting ALL classes.

Add Trust#1817 or McFez#1478 for more info.
You weren't raiding on Barthilias during Cata by any chance were you Critcat?

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