WTT/S Lvl 25 Rare S/S Gilnean Raven

Pet Battles
Title says it all.

Need anything specific for this?
Or just looking at offers.
Mainly just looking at offers, would prefer gold/rare mounts, but I'm open to anything.
rare mounts? lfmao.

pet is worth 10k max as its so easy to get, why would anyone trade a mount for this?
I wouldn't try to hard to establish a value for a pet that you can no longer acquire any other way than trades. While I can see it not being a mount over 10k wouldn't be crazy.
>pet isn't easy to get as stated.

Also, I should've been more specific. Expensive mounts (JC related, etc) would be okay too.
I appreciate the people who don't realize the value of this pet. I sold one for 8k on my reroll realm for some quick cash, some Trade Chat troll publicly mocked me for daring to ask that much and posted his own S/S Raven for 200g to stick it to me (or whatever he was trying to do). I of course bought it. Nice 7800g profit without actually having to part with my S/S after all, thanks troll!
I figured it was a nice pet & went out of my way to level a worgen to 13 to get it then upped it to rare. Now just have to level it.
It's a dope pet, I definitely love using it. That being said: I also like using a bunch of other pets.

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