New to Holy PVP, need help

This is my first paladin, I levelled it as Ret from day 1 but I've been 90 for 2 days and I am struggling with healing. I didn't do any LFG as holy and I recently returned to the game after playing a priest in Wrath. I got the Crafted Dreadful set as well as the cloak and the Dragon trinket gemmed for crit, haste and int have not gemmed my set yet and last night I got the dreadful glad shield.

My heals are feeling really weak and I want to know what I can be doing better. I tried following the stickied holy guide even though it's for PVE. I generally beacon a tank or FC and throw eternal flame on people. Spam holy shock and the other AoE that grants HP, holy light when I can but I'm really not used to having to stand still for so long. I know not to use FoL too much but I am struggling to keep ppl up when pressured especially in AoE. I know we are better single-target healers but even that feels really weak.

Is there a general priority when healing in PVP situations? I really love it so far but I know I suck and people in BGs always remind me, luckily I have a PVP buddy that sticks with me and he is trying to help me learn but he doesn't play healers.
Honestly, I'm sure you'd do fine once you get gear. The difference between 450ilvl and 496 is MASSIVE, especially the 6000 pvp power you get from the weapon. Just cap every week and you'll catch up eventually.
Its the gear. When I play on this toon in random I feel like a demi God. But my mage just dinged 90 2 days ago and crafted dreadful brought me back to reality.

I recommend beacon swapping. Glyph beacon of light and macro it to fol and DL. You'll build HP so fast. Also, get real comfortable with your hands. That's what makes pallies so good. Practice practice! You'll get there.
I'm trying to learn how to do holy in PvP as well, but have no idea what to glyph and gem since I've been ret/prot so long...
I'm trying to learn how to do holy in PvP as well, but have no idea what to glyph and gem since I've been ret/prot so long...

Gem resilience before anything else imo.

For Holy glyphs I use Denounce, FoL, and Turn Evil in randoms.
Though BoL is also a very good glyph.

I recently got rid of my Prot spec, I never use it, it's been nerfed to near uselessness in pvp, I refuse to actually gear it in 5.3, and I want to practice Holy.
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I know not to use FoL too much

Your 4pc PvP bonus give a holy power for FoL casts. If you FoL your beacon target you get two.

From zero holy power you can shock and FoL your beacon target, and then do a 3 holy power eternal flame at a bonus 10% because you have glyph of Flash of light

It is Alterac Valley CTA, so if you arent chain queueing AV CTA BGs all weekend, you are doing it wrong.

Also find a friend with alot of patience, and start doing some 2s arenas to get as many conquest points you can each week.
Thank you I didn't notice my set bonus (bad I know), I was going to reply to Aeryia to ask why I should beacon swap. I have a good friend who I PVP with who is much better and we plan on BGing all weekend and eventually trying arena.

Thanks for all of the advice and information guys!
I am having the same trouble as you, I just turned 90 and my heals are pathetic in this crafted blue set.

But there is a solution!

It is AV Weekend! Alliance dominate AV. Farm it and you should get the full Mal set in a day or two.

I took the 2 trinkets first then the weapon and shield.
Talents I'd suggest:

-Pursuit of justice
-Fist/repentance ( personally I prefer fist in 3s 5s and rbgs and repentance in 2s, for 3s tho it really depends on your team composition as to which is better )
-eternal flame
-Divine purpose
-Holy prism

Your top four are
Turn Evil, Flash of light, Beacon and Divine protection.

I tend to run with beacon, FoL and turn evil and switch turn evil out with divine protection depending on what comp I vs (melee heavy comps).

As far as gems.. (Btw, blacksmithing and jewel crafting are the 2 best)

For yellow sockets and prismatic, gem straight resilience
For blue sockets, gem green 160spirit/160resil
For red sockets, gem orange 80int/160resil ( if a JC you can do serpents eyes 160/320 )
Meta, I go for spirit/crit effect.

Buy all the pieces that give spirit.
There's a large debate over mastery vs crit, I'm sure you'll find a few threads about it.
I won't go into it but I find mastery superior.
My total heals with absorbs tend to blow everyone else's healing out of the water.
You will cut down on overhealing with mastery, bigger absorbs = less healing = more mana = more healing. If you get my drift?
So that being said, for me, spirit > mastery > crit .

I should add as well, being a human I'd run with battle-masters pvp trinket (pop health up when being trained, also a good idea to macro health stone with it) and a pve trinket (once your geared enough).
I personally use relic of chi-ji. But once again, that preference and not a must.
Being a blood elf I use relic and gladiators medallion of meditation.
Find I rarely oom even when spamming or burst healing.

Enchants are kind of simple if you just follow your stat priority's.

Lastly, key to good hpally healing is POSITIONING, and putting beacon on whoever your heal target is to keep holy power maxed out.
Positioning will come with exp.
Putting beacon on your heal target will give you endless HP which allows you to keep blanketing your team in EF for both heals or just to keep absorbs stacked on them.
If your really lazy, just macro beacon of light to flash of light and/or divine light as well.
Even when not engaging my enemy, I try to max out absorbs on my team and have then all blanketed in EF HoTs which will keep illuminated healing (absorbs) ticking for a whipping 45 seconds.

Hope this helps, good luck and feel free to ask any more questions if you find this useful
Beacon swapping builds HP very quickly and is therefore the most mana efficient. If you blanket EF on your party, the beacon will receive extra healing from the party. Also by EF blanketing you build mastery absorbs on everyone. Just macro DL and fol to beacon of light, its a very easy transition.

I basically hs on CD, fol all the time, DL on proc. I almost always have a sac ready (macro stop casting to it) ready if I see a polymorph or ice trap etc coming my way. I save bop for my healers, devotion aura on beams, save foj for when I'm being trained, freedoms for my fc of tc, and prism to defend nodes or such. That's pretty much what I do the entire I also focus macro repentance and just focus that on an enemy healer but I wouldn't suggest that in random BC its easily broken.

As for Gemming, I vote straight resil (don't forgo socket bonuses). You're going to be trained hard if your positioning falters BC we are easy kills after we bubble.

Remember your main job is keeping the important people alive and moving. Don't worry about topping people off for meters (though pally mastery is kinda op and you'll likely top meters anyways). Its our single target healing that's sexy.

You'll get it! Practice and watch videos. It'll click.

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