<Sisters of Silvermoon> recruiting!

Cosma is back, and ready to play!!

Recruiting mainly to level my guild, and grind out quests / achievements and anything else that is fun.

Displaced characters very welcome to chill!!

RealID Cosma#1128
I forgot to mention (if important) guild is Level 4 (so help me to level it!!)
Been doing some random heroics, and some random raids... chilled, fun times!!
Come join the female blood elf party!!
I need friends to do heroic scenarios with :(
Who wants do to some challenge modes with me?
I'll do them with you!!
Formi you should totally join my guild - you fit all the recruiting requirements!!
I am very tempted to! <3
Just quietly I want a Level 25 guild >.>

Busy RL be gone :(
What happened to your old level 25 guild :(
Oh I'm always moving & shifting & shaking...

I want another :(
Weekend fun time
Totally hanging out tonight

who are you?
I'm Cosma.... Just chilling in Shrine of Two Moons, doing some LFR for fun (and badges).
Bump for FINALLY winning some LFR loots.

Female blood elves always welcomed!!
In the market for a Level 25 guild.
Sigh was away for two days and still my guild isn't Level 25. Yawn.

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