Battle net error #2

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I keep getting this error. I can't login on my account.

I uninstalled WoW and installed a brand new version and still can't login.

Also, i can login on my notebook. It's my desktop what's having this problem.

It stops on connecting. Not even the screen to type authenticator shows
Same error here. I can't login. Please fix it.
Although no response the problem is solved.
I'm having the same problem, tried all of the options available to me but nothing seems to help. Guess all I can do is play the waiting game
Can you guys do a little bit of login server testing and let us know the results :

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It says I was unable to open a connection to the host, port 1119. So I would assume I would have to port forward wow in my router settings?

Edit: Well port forwarding didn't work, and I tried the 4 steps to resolve the error again and they didn't work either. Continuing the quest of waiting
Thugmcgee any luck logging in? I've been having the same problem for 2 days. Sent blizz the tracert, dxdiag, msinfo32, did a selective startup, even uninstalled AVG and Norton and still no luck. It is getting frustrating.
Giving it another go here

Edit: Nope
Same prob here, error 2 when trying to log in after patch took out cache and wtf files, used repair tool and still a no go.
Getting the same thing... what do.
after the launcher downloaded the 5.3 patch, i get: error #2; unable to connect. blah. blah blah
chk url:

i have rebooted 2 x, no go.

pls advise soon, thx.

I got the same thing, have you been able to fix it?
:( same thing here
i am still having troubles with it says battle net error #2 been trying since I downloaded patch yesterday
Can you guys do a little bit of login server testing and let us know the results :


Can help when I don't have any data. Unless you count waving a rubber chicken over your computer helping :P
I've tried Telnet, and it just says (after about a minute of waiting) "Connection to host lost." Do I have to port forward... or..?
I tried the Telnet thing. I have a Telnet server and a Telnet client on the list. Did them both one at a time according to those instructions. Nothing. Still getting Error #2. Come on, Blizz.
I'm having this issue as well, sorry to say I've never used telnet before so I don't know what it is. I followed the steps from the link for window's 7 that Bluspacecow posted. So the telnet client/sever are both checked, but how do I run that program.
Been talking to customer support. just gave them a tracert, dxdialog, and msinfo

Dang is this frustrating
Same problem.

I was able to connect just fine yesterday, has something happened since then?

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