[H] Seraph 25m 11/13HM Late night Recruiting


Our raid times are: Thur, Sun, and Mon 11pm-2am, with an optional Tuesday 11pm-2am CST

Current Progression:
T15 11/13H 12/12N 25man

Currently Recruiting for our Main Raid team:

Death Knight - (DPS and Tank)
Monk - (DPS and Tank)
Shaman - Elemental
Priest - Discipline
Druid - Restoration
Paladin - (Holy and Tank)

We only raid 3 nights (occasionally 4) so we expect raiders to be on-time for all 3 raids. If you cannot make our raid times all 3 nights on a regular basis please do not apply. We do know certain real life issues can occur and prevent you from raiding or be late for a raid. In these cases we ask that raiders please give a heads up via our forums if they know they will be late or absent.

You can apply at www.seraphguild.com

In order to apply you must register then find the "Applications" post in the forum you will be able to view. Follow the directions there and your application will be viewed quickly by our officers.

If you have any questions in game, feel free to contact anyone in Seraph, they can put you in touch with the officer corps.
Still looking for more raiders!
You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
oh yeaah

also, way too many taurens in this guild, please just don't.
we serve tacos and apple crisp at every raid.

if we dont, Berelyte eats the trials.....
4/13HM with Iron qon going down tomorrow (!?!?!?!)

25m HM raiding without the hassle of a 5-6 nights a week... What are you waiting for??

Still recruiting DPS/Dk tank/Hpal or Anything else that might/could/would/should be relevant.
Woo heroics!
This bump is for Bere, #1 Pally Tank US.
We do Challenge modes every weekend as well!

come join our extremely active community!!
Bump for more heroic kills!

Oh, and I'll be solo tanking Heroic Iron Qon tomorrow. #ivegotbigballs
Heroic IQ down!
Killing like 2 new heroic bosses every week! On track to knock out Ra-den by the end of June? Crazy!
Do you still need a Mistweaver Monk?
We could use another Mistweaver. I would recommend applying at our site and allow our healing officer to review the application.
Most recent
6/13 Heroics ToT
Megaera sunday!!!
I have a mage that would like to come. Did you guys know this?
bumping for my main team homies... but hopefully we get some people to apply for Plan B also

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