Ret pally 5.3 Gems and stats

Hey guys i'm curious to what everyone thinks will be the best thing for us to stack now. Since we got no survivability buff should we still stack resil even though everyone gets a flat rate now? Or should we go for more str/haste since we got a dmg buff? Curious on thoughts or where i can get some info from some high level rets/players/etc.
Imma stay with the resil and see how that works for now because they nerfed the gems but they didn't nerf the resil stat to percentage ratio like they did pvp power.

But from what I've been hearing. It may be better to gem strength/haste.

I will try a few to try them out.
05/21/2013 09:38 AMPosted by Igetmyown
Since we got no survivability buff

wtf are you serious?
05/21/2013 10:49 AMPosted by Lulululula
Since we got no survivability buff

wtf are you serious?

We did get a survivabilty buff , Divine Protection can now be used while stunned.

A step in right direction for sure.

I honestly, have no problem staying alive. its the amount of damage i put out. don't take that to mean i don't put out damage. my burst is f-ing crazy. "good bye warrior" --- "see ya later resto druid" its just that once the CDs are gone i am pretty useless for say the next 2 mins at least.... (but thats where my support spells come in; HoP, Sac, Flash of Light, & Holy Prism...) so i guess i am not really useless its just annoying, that i can't just go in and BAM someone the way LOCKS and SPRIEST do....or ROUGES even
As of 5.3 Ret has become way better in my opinion. Yes we got Buffed, the damage Buff makes our Burst rather sick now ( if you how to put together a one shot macro like I do ) and as far a gemming all I had to do was switch the 320 pvp power gems that got nerfed to 80 Str/80 pvp power ones so yeah GEM STENGTH / HASTE !... my heals are actually better now after 5.3
I crit well over 200k on FOL's and spec'ed right I constantly using WOG. I feel like my surviabilty is Awsomesauce now.

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