Pug Needed!

I'm looking for a healer pug for my raiding team. I will be going out of town in two weeks and I don't want to leave them high and dry and looking for people at the last minute.

THUS: I'm looking for a healer that is available on these dates:
June 4th
June 6th
June 11th
June 13th

All from 8:30 server until 11:15ish. Please be available all nights and don't be late. D:
Looking for preferably a shaman healer, though will compromise with a druid. At least 500 ilvl and knowledgeable on ToT up through Dark Animus.

You can contact my battletag at kojimo418#1373 or send an in-game mail to Lethic or Gundur.
Hello! I am 502 Ilvl And still growing, I am available for all dates and I am 1/13 Heroic, I am a resto druid and knowledgeable

I will contact you in game later today, my battle tag is Silvercloak#1372

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