Resto shaman LF raiding guild

Hey, I'm a newly transferred 502 resto shaman looking to get back into raiding. I was 2/12 downed in my old raid group, before I had to leave group because I was unable to raid at the times they had due to work. unfortunately due to the lack raiding of raiding on my old realm, I decided to move on. I feel that I have good raid awareness and a quick learner to learning new boss encounters.
I am available to raid sun-thurs anytime after 8:30 st. if you have any question, feel free to send me in game mail. Thanks
Hmu at paticakes#1823. We have a second group that goes 9-12 server tues/wed/thurs
<Parasite> has completed its transfer from its last terrible, terrible server.

We're looking for fresh mea-...bloo-...recruits! Yummy, delicious recruits.

The lowdown:
We're 6/12 (this has been due to attendance issues the last few months, and the reason we moved here!)
We raid 7pm-late Fri/Sat nights (we're looking to extend the amount of raid times once we establish ourselves)

We're in need of a bit of everything, especially socials just lookin' to chill and have a good time. Most of our players have been playing for years with each other (and playing WoW!). We love doing achievements, we love doing old content, we love doing current content, we love mudkips, and we love that one time you got drunk and had a Micky Mouse tattoo put on your left butt cheek.

We're dedicated to what we're doing, we're experienced raiders, most of which have been playing since Vanilla.

Drop me a line in-game on Evyl#1249 or message Mojomist

Feel free to visit us at
Thanks to all that sent me mail finally found a home

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