[H] <Wait for it> 10M Recruiting

Shattered Hand
<Wait for it> is looking to recruit some new people for our core 10M team.

Raid times are : Tues and Wed (8pm-12am EST) and Thurs (10pm-12am EST)

We progress on the first 2 days and look to just clear out on Thursdays.

We are currently 3/13 H with Jin'rokh, Horridon and Ji-Kun down.

If you have any questions feel free to add me in game: Serenity#1256

After a short hiatus we are back and getting ready for 5.4. We have a few spots available. Looking for people who are geared and have experience. Would be interested in a tank, or melee dps. Also interested in a dps with an strong healing offset.

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