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Cadeouss sat, confined and claustrophobic in the public desk chair of the Stormwind library. He barely fit, his legs press close together, and his muscular arms seemed to boil over the arm rests. He presses a firmly extended index finger against the front of his forehead, flushed with red frustration. His back curled as he hunched over, burying his nose into the open book which lay before him. With its bright colors, thick pages and dark, bolded text, the thin tome is clearly something that could be assumed to be marketed to children.

Still, the young, oversized warrior mumbled through with long sounded-out words, and over exaggerated pronunciations of what could be trivial to even just modestly advantaged human children. The occasional grunt and sigh escaped him, his will starting to waver, and still over half of the book still remained to be read. The cause seemed hopeless and defeat certain as the muscles behind his eyes begin to cramp and the pressure in his head becomes nearly painful. Sitting up, his body humorously disproportionate to the desk in which he sat, he took a moment and observed the area around him, a little corner of the Stormwind Library, a ways away from the children’s section to avoid embarrassment.

(( Just a casual little RP. anyone is welcome, though, it might be hard for a Hordie to explain how or why he/she is in the Stormwind Library, but good luck trying! ))
The warrior sat in the children's section of the library of Stormwind. A large blade strapped across his back was earning him some odd looks from the regular bookworms. He was turning pages slowly the book titled 'Lothar's Last Battle' it was filled with drawings and simple words as most children's books are. Though despite the simplicity of the language used the Pandaren struggles slightly. Even though he could speak the Common tongue easily he was still struggling with reading and writing it.

The Pandaren shifted often, obviously disliking the musty old library. Eventually he closed the book with a loud 'whump' that earned him a few more disapproving looks. Overcome with boredom and thought of his journey yet to come filling his mind he shuffles off to a chair that may have once been comfortable but the constant rubbing of posteriors upon its surface had turned it hard as a rock. The warrior sighed in discomfort as he settled into his meditative position. Despite his easily distracted nature, the one thing he had taken from his reading was that Humans were great warriors, perhaps he could even get the chance to spar with one. Jade Serpent willing.
The day was bright and cheerful, a light breeze ruffled Mara's hair as she bustled about her daily routine. She had a few things she did everyday, in a way it helped to take her mind off of things that had happened recently.

The last chore done and her time free she mused to herself. "Maybe I need a good book to read, something light and fun. I have been to the library before, I have never looked through all the books. Maybe someone has added something from Pandaria." her footsteps take her up the flight of steps and into the Keep.

Guards nod and smile at Mara, she is a well known figure in the Halls of the King. She would never consider herself a hero, just a mage who knew her duty to the Kingdom. Sweeping into the library she glances around and notices a human warrior sitting in a child's desk chair. Her thoughts are almost amused. "Excuse me, are you aware there are more comfortable chairs in the common area? Or you just like this corner?" her voice is lighthearted and her smile lights up her face. Her blue eyes study the warrior for just a moment and then she glances around to see a Pandaren in the area as well.

"Hello, stranger. Have you come to learn more of Stormwind history? It is quite expansive, there is a whole section of the Library detailing the past events. Even now scribes are diligently writing more books chronicling the events as reports are brought in by couriers. It is quite exciting to some. Though I find the war escalating is not a good thing. I was hoping for peace. Alas, it is not going to be easy to achieve."
Vyn yawned, laid out on the floor in the human's library. She was reading a dusty old tome that told of the years she slept through. She yawned again, the sun coming in through the doorway was warm and welcoming. Far more amusing than learning about humans and their kingdoms. But, she mused, it was my fault for choosing to dream through all of this. I must at least learn the basics. She flipped through a few more pages before letting out a long and drawn out sigh.

"By Elune, history is not amusing." she exclaimed out loud. She closed the book with a thud and re-shelved it on the self next to her. She stood up and stretched. She scratched the tip of one of her long ears before glancing around the library. She noticed a few humans and a pandaren off by what appeared to be the gnome section. Elune forbid they have seating here for a nightelf. Why, they could have an outdoor library section out in the courtyard. With wooden benches! She smiled. Benches I could take a nap on. She leaned up against a wall, becoming lost in thought with all her ways she could improve this little library.
A large Orc, roughly eight feet in height, was dragged into the Library in chains. He was wearing torn cloth and leather, with a ragged Horde tabard around him. He wore thick plated leg armor, and large plated boots.

Tugged through the library by two Stormwind Guards, as four more walked behind cautiously with crossbows pointed at the beast's head. Cannibal's hair was spiked up and painted red. His left shoulder bore the Horde symbol, and his bicep had writing tattooed onto the skin. Anyone who could read Orcish could tell that it read "The last thing you never see".

He stumbled through the library, obviously rather weak as his wounds were visible. The guards tugged harshly, trying to get him from the entrance to the back exit. Cannibal was standing proud, smirking as he saw the Pandaren in the children's corner. He mumbled out in rather fluent Common, "You're lucky I lost my axes, rat..." He continued on, being carried through the library rather slowly as the guards cautiously weaved their way throughout the book shelves...

Cannibal was just itching to free himself...
The Orc's War Party was successful only minutes before. They had taken out a whole scouting party in Elwynn Forest, and almost all had managed to escape.

Cannibal, and a few others, hadn't. They failed to escape the gripping claws of the Gryphon riders. Now, they were being moved to the jail in Stormwind. Many of Cannibal's friends were simply flown there, but at the moment, Stormwind didn't have a Gryphon large enough to support the weight of this Orc.

Cannibal was slowly inching his way through the thin isles of the library... Waiting... Watching...

Even with the guards yanking his chains, and the Sharpshooters with crossbows pressed to the back of his head, he was taking his time... He was waiting for someone...
Angels sang out in immaculate chorus

down from the heavens descended

Freedom M E R C I L E S S

Who delivered a kick into the croch of Cannibal Pwns

Who fell over on the ground... Thriving in pain.
(( I'll just void that last one...))
The Pandaren watched curiously as he heard the noise of the Orc being dragged through the library, briefly he wondered why they would bring him here instead of directly to the Stockades but the thought soon passed. Hadaek took up his sword and moved closer so that he may get a better look.

For the first time since coming to this strange new land the Pandaren wished he could speak or at least read Orcish as he moved behind the Guards casually he wondered briefly if the Orc could speak any Common. Or perhaps he knew the Pandaren tongue as Hadaek knew that there was a branch of Pandaren who swore themselves to the Horde, he decided to call out something simple in his native tongue, "Greetings, Wanderer!" He called and his voice rang throughout the library. Again, earning him some disapproving looks, he was beyond caring by now.
Cadeouss quirked a brow curiously as the chained orc was dragged though the library. Perhaps there was a new expansion of the stocks he was unaware of, or maybe this orc was to be taken straight to gallows. Either way, the unarmored human couldn’t contribute too much of his attention as he was already preoccupied with a rather inquisitive mage. Red cheeks rose over the brim of his mask as a nervous smile forced its way into shape. He was never one for conversation, the right words always seemed to evade him, particularly around women. The fear of embarrassment dwarfed his fear of a blade, and the warrior took a long moment before replying.

“Oh… I-uh… I didn’t really think of that…” He says honestly, shifting in his chair, harsh creeks accompanying his fidgeting.

The warrior promptly closes the thin child’s book and pushes it into his lap, attempting to hide it from the woman’s eyes. He lets forth a nervous cough and laugh, heavy and erratic breathing present in his nervous words.

“Heh… uh, this is… not even the right section, haha… Why am I in a child’s desk? Heh, I can be a, erm…. a bit of doofus sometimes.”
Vyn was roused from her daydreaming as some guards dragged an orc through the library. Is this normal for a human library? she pondered. Do they keep prisoners in the back for advanced study? This piqued her curiosity. She followed the guards, a few paces behind the pandaren who seemed to be doing the same.

This must be normal, that bulky human isn't even reacting. Vyn concluded. She smiled to herself. Perhaps this dull library can be amusing. Most of her curiosity stemmed from the unique prisoner. She had encountered many orcs, but most of them were smaller than this one, and all of them wanted to kill her. They never seemed to want to sit down and discuss anything, at least none of the ones she encountered. She had seen Thrall and Malfurion discuss matters civilly. Not that she is completely ignorant about orcs. After all she is in the Cenarion Circle and studied under tauren druids.

This orc seemed like an orc worth following, albeit it was through a library... and he did not look like the convorsationalist type... and suddenly the pandaren said something she barely recognized as a greeting. She listened intently, waiting to see if the orc would reply. She knew enough of the pandaren language to get by on pandaria, but translating it was something that took a lot of her focus.
Buried within a large robe, Bjron looked up from the Treatise of Medical Advances he was reading. An orc here? Today was so peaceful. Let's see what I can do then. Noting the orc's path through the bookshelves, Bjron went to the end of the aisle and sat upon the keg he always carried.

"Hey orc. Care for a drink?"

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Adalena had been scouting through Elwynn Forest. She had been ordered to track an orc hunting party that had left Orgimmar several days earlier. Warchief Garrosh had been becoming increasingly paranoid that some within his ranks were attempting to overthrow him. His latest paranoia had convinced him that the horde rebels were working with the alliance. So he decided to hire an assassin to do some recon.
Adalena wasn't particularly thrilled with having to follow a group of smelly orcs half way across Azeroth, but the pay was good so she couldn’t say no. after a few days of absolute nothingness, some action had finally taken place. The war party had managed to sneak up on a scouting part and killed all but one, who managed to sneak away and alert the gryphon riders in Stormwind. After a quick skirmish, a majority of the hunting party escaped, but a few of the bulkier orcs had been captured.

At this point Adalena considered simply leaving the Orc to their fates, but then decided that she wanted to find out what the Orcs were doing so close to Stormwind in the first place. As stealthily as possible, she followed the Alliance soldiers and the Orc prisoner through the quarters of Stormwind until they entered the library. From the rafters, Adalena was able to keep a close eye on where the soldiers were taking him.
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