Best DPS pet for a destro warlock (PVE)?

I was told that voidlord does most dps..but I always thought imp was most dps as destruction lock.

what is the most dps? and give me a reason please. thank you :)
felhound/observer (if GoSup), or imp if a fight requires target switching
they are generally about the same though

voidlord is not a dps pet, its a tank pet
Voidlord only does good dps when being hit therefore not a good dps pet for raids.

GoSup observer is the best dps and you can use imps for travel heavy fights to maximize pet up time.
What about succubus, I know it is good for other stuff than dps but is its overall dps any good?
(Im looking more for pvp)
Voidlord was bugged and his Shield was proccing off Soul Link damage (hotfixed yesterday), hence his abnormally high DPS.

After about 15,000 Mastery, GoSac is reporting higher DPS than GoSup/Serv. Until then, GoSup Imp is better for multi-target fights (AKA most of them), and Observer will work best for single target.
Imp used to be best for destro ( definitely in Wrath, not sure about Cata ), now it's been bouncing back and forth between Observer or GoSac depending on the month ... Currently it's Observer.

But that is just from a pure theory / numbers perspective, situations and group composition will often change what you need to run ( Interrupts, CCs, Cleanse, Squishy/Bad tank, whatever ).
Depends on your gear. According to simulations, Grimoire of Sacrifice overtakes Supremacy at around 15k mastery rating unbuffed.
voidlord is only a tank pet if you keep his taunt on otherwise he will out dps the others test on target dummy and see
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