Constant Redownloading of Patch 5.3

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I have been disconnected multiple times now to redownload the patch. I have downloaded 5.3 3 times now. Is this happening to anyone? Any suggestions?
My client disconnects after a while and I have to reinstall to play again. After "disconnecting" like my Internet went out briefly I go to log in and it tells me to restart and apply the patch. After failing to install the patch it doesn't need it won't let me play until I reinstall yet again. No fix, no replays from bliz. Annoying.
As for a suggestion, I get about an hour or two per reinstall. Long down time for the little play time...
Check your Updates folder.

There's so far been two client side bug fix patches for 5.3

5.3 launched with an updates file starting with "wow-0-16977"

Two new client side patches were 16981 & 16983

You should see one of those numbers in a line in your connection.log file :

Component WoW.Mc64.16983


Component WoW.Win.16983

This means the client version is at build 16983
I have had the same problem but i think to a lesser degree than Morrowind, i have re-downloaded 5 times now. I checked that folder and I have those numbers as well as 16992. It isn't a constant problem just a annoying.

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