A new fix for stuck Blizzard Launcher update?

Technical Support
I'm not going to sift through all of the threads, but I had the same issue where the launcher would be stuck at 66% 'Updating Blizzard Launcher'. I tried all the same stuff:
delete battle.net folder
delete update folder
uninstall Firefox
turn off bit defender
verify secondary login
run as admin
download with chrome/IE etc....

On a whim I went back to IE 9 (I'm on windows 7 with IE 10) and I'm currently downloading the patch. Everything updated 1st try without deleting all that stuff again.

Go to Control Panel>Windows Update>Installed Updates (bottom left corner)>Windows Internet Explorer 10 (under the blue Microsoft Windows line)>Highlight IE 10 and click uninstall up top.

If you do it this way, it rolls back Internet Explorer instead of just uninstalling the whole program. I rebooted after IE 10 was uninstalled, opened IE 9 and ran the updater with no issues. Just got in game.

Gl everyone!

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