Is there going to be a fix for this????

Technical Support
Or are we stuck downloading and trying to reprogram our computer to fix this? I got to play last night but tonight I try to get on and I log in and I am told I need to patch. So I click on installer to update and all I get is the checking for update screen. This is the same pc I have used to update 5.2 and didn't have this problem. And there are plenty of us that are having this problem. I cancelled my sub for 5 months and my month runs out on the 24th. If we can't get this fixed I will let my sub cancel again. So can we get some real answers and not network or security software questions. I do not have any security software on my pc's and I use the same connection to download on my other pc. This might be a hardware issue in the downloader. Who knows I don't make billions of dollars making an update that don't work.
Every patch Blizzard just makes me hate the launcher more and more.
They should give us 2 months free for this.
no im sure each of us in seperate areas of the country just randomly are coming up with the same problems that are our faults or the faults of someone else, best part... how long is blizzard going to continue to act like nothing is wrong, we're going into the weekend i've been writing in these all day, prently they just dont care.

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