A little quest guidance please?

I've never been so stumped by a quest line, even way back in vanilla when they were spread out across the world.

I'm just trying to get the Path of the Last Emperor quest (need the boots). I've done the series up to the Battlefield Barrens, but nowhere do I get to pick up The Old Seer.

Clearly I'm missing something, and it's probably obvious...anyone help please?
Chen Stormstout has the quest at Razor Hill, in Durotar.
Chen Stormstout has the quest at Razor Hill, in Durotar.

Thank you for your response. However, I am now and have been for some time standing in front of ole Chen; he has nothing but small talk for me.

Is there a rep requirement I may need (I'm exalted with just about everyone except SPA), or perhaps a tripping point in the series where I could have messed up?

My sense of it is that I've goofed on some small item that prevents Chen from offering the quest.

My thanks in advance for any helpful hints.
You should get this quest after you have done the ones Amber Kearnen gave you. It is the one that asks you to see an NPC at Mt. Neverest. That next quest will give the boots.

Edit: I could not remember who gave the quest, if it was Lorewalker Cho or Vol'jin but the quest is "The Old Seer", Locate Seer Hao Pham Roo on the slopes of Mount Neverest in Kun-Lai Summit.
Assuming you have turned in Battlefield: Barrens (not the weekly version) to Vol'jin, you should be offered two quests...one from Chen called "The Old Seer" and the weekly Battlefield: Barrens quest from Ki'ta Arrowtusk. Both Chen and Ki'ta are both there under the watch tower with Vol'jin. I know of no other requirements for the quest other than completing quest 32811 (for Alliance). I have experienced the entire quest line on a toon that is not exalted with any faction. If a restart does not work for you, I would suggest submitting a ticket.

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