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Wyrmrest Accord
Hello everyone I am taking a public poll of who would be interested in joining a guild I would create sometime soon called <Juggalo Islands>. It would be a friendly environment for all juggalos and anyone who wants to join us. We can do raiding and stuff, just please don't be mean. We also may do Juggalo RP (I would be playing Violent Jake).

Feel free to ask any questions thank you


Um... Juggalos still exist?

And this pertains to WoW in some way?
Because there aren't any other guilds with certain interests that aren't WoW?
....What the heck is a Juggalo?
Considering the legal drama re: Juggalos, you may want to rethink the name. :/ Something still relevant to ICP and what-not, but that doesn't scream 'FBI watch-list'.

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