Stuck in SPM / Kun Lai

Technical Support
Title says it all. I am stuck in the portal leading into Shado Pan Monastery and immediately upon logging in, I get DC'd.

All help / suggestions are appreciated.
Try submitting a ticket via the web interface :

Go "I have an in-game issue" then "My character is stuck"

Try their suggestions but if it doesn't work keep scrolling down to "Submit a ticket"

They'll ask for your realm name and toon name.
Expect to wait for hours. So far, 7 threads with numerous ppl in each been dc'ing instantly upon game load cuz of portals and instances- im at 4 &1/2 hours with a submitted 'stuck character' ticket, as are many of the others, some of which have been waiting for hours longer than me.
Yeah the only way I see to fix said problem is to submit a ticket and then they will more than likely just move your toon. Twas the case with me and other people I've seen.

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