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Garristan Connlan sat uncomfortably in his desk chair, exhausted and sore from the day's battles. This world has forgotten, he thought, Such a pity. A conversation he'd had earlier in the day with a colleague had left his mind wandering, and he couldn't shake the feeling that all of the battles he'd fought, all of the evils he'd vanquished, had been for naught. For hours upon end he sat, tapping his fingers upon his thick, mahogany desk as he pieced together the events of his life, then broke them apart again. Finally, he reached a conclusion. Reaching into his desk drawer, the battle-worn paladin pulled out a dusty piece of parchment and began to pen a letter to those in the Alliance whom he trusted most.

My Friends,
As you are all aware, this world has once again fallen into war. No sooner than the celebrations had ended following the defeat of the fallen aspect Deathwing, our grand Alliance has engaged in yet another conflict with the orcish Horde. I fear, however, that we have once again lost sight of the evils that befoul Azeroth, and that the next threat to rise may potentially be the last. As losses continue to mount on both sides of this conflict our defense against those who would do us harm, those such as the Scourge, the remnants of the Twilight Cult, and the Burning Legion who has threatened this world and left nothing but destruction in its wake on multiple occasions, is weakening. Trust my wisdom in this matter friends, evil WILL come again. When it does, do you want to be caught unprepared? Do you want to see our homes and families fall under the wrath of an unattended enemy? I, for one, do not. I propose we stand ready. We shall always hold dear our allegiance to the Alliance in times of war, but someone must remain vigilant against the dangers tomorrow may bring. A shield, behind which the citizens of the Alliance may live in peace. The bulwark of the people. The aegis of the Lion, so to speak. Join with me, friends. Hold the line between the innocent and the immoral. Together, we shall safeguard the future for those unable to fend for themselves.

Your brother-in-arms,

Lord Garristan Connlan

((The Lion's Aegis is now recruiting! Beginners are welcome, no RP experience required (everyone has to learn sometime, right?). All that we ask is that you have an interest in RP and the willingness to learn. We are a new roleplaying guild on the Cenarion Circle (US) server built on the theme of serving as a barrier between powerful threats, such as the Burning Legion, and the citizens of the Alliance. Our members devote themselves to remaining vigilant; gathering information on existing and future threats while helping those in need wherever we may find them. For any further information on who we are and what we stand for, please contact a member in-game or join us at .))

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