How do i gem for PVP holy in 5.3?

Hi guys, quick and to the point. Understand resilience is being given base 65% to everyone. Is there any point gemming resil anymore? Up till now i've been using mostly vivid wild jade (+180 resil +180 pvp power) how do I gem now?

I like my resil, and I like to not die, ever. I like to play random bg's, arena for points and some rated bg's.
5.3 resil and pvp power gives u the lowest value. u should only have pvp power on any gear it comes from and the tyrannical meta gem that provides both pvp and resil. do not gem for resil or pvp power openly.

as far as haste or crit for pvp i think haste is better because holy shock already comes with 25% crit proc chance to trigger fast casting. why i think haste is better because when it doesn't proc u can get your spells out faster during normal phases. crit is still by chance no matter how many times u want it to proc it is still systematically out of your control while haste is always there.
I like to not die, ever

Doesn't everybody.

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