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I was wondering if there was interest in a forum rp that is a bit of a parody, like not even trying to be canon but more of a Warcraft universe spin on non-WOW things, just for fun.

An example would be: I was thinking of setting up a parody with the basic premise of warehouse 13 involving agents from two opposing groups (The Explorers League and The Reliquary) trying to locate and acquire problem causing artifacts.

Is this something people would be interested in?
I did do this at one time and it was a hell of a lot of fun. I would be interested if you want to start one.

In case you are interested. Jaszmin and Alviira and Sydric are all my characters as well as Sam, who is now deleted.
I have the thing that lets me see forum alts, so I know who you be. You seem to be the only one.


Maybe I'll just run it on AD over the summer or something silly like that.

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