2/13H 520 Hpal looking for raid spot (horde)

Hey there! If you're interested, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you in-game!
Current Holy Pally is leaving this reset for real life issues. Have a 1/13 member so will be working on HMs this coming reset.

This guild will be 4yrs old under the same leadership in June 2013. Both of our 10man teams are well balanced and well run, there are no alts in these groups! If you are looking for a permanent home in a stable and fair raiding environment then it is well worth taking a few minutes to contact us. Progression is 11/12 ToT and moving steady on this economically stable, highly populated, Horde heavy server. Bring a relaxed attitude but be ready to work. This is a good group of people. Thanks

U.S. Thrall Server-East Coast

Semi casual progression guild 16/16n 7/16H, 11/12 ToT
~established June 2009

Raid times 8-11pm EST for all groups

Group1 mon, tue, wed 11/12
Holy Pally

Group2 mon, tue, wed 8/12
Shadow Priest
Holy Pally

My Battletag is Cardnialsyn#1620

We don't take any members under the age of 18, no exceptions. If you are looking for an adult run, semi-casual raiding environment with stability and structure I strongly urge you to check out our website!

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